What isn't DuVinci?

A list of things DuVinci is not

DuVinci is not Uber for dry cleaning

You cannot simply open up your app and tell us where to find your dirty clothes. We will not pick up your dress shirts and return them in 24 hours.

Dry cleaning is stuck in the past, but we are not disrupting them.

DuVinci is not a coffee roaster

It's true.

Though we love coffee and are fueled by coffee... we do not make coffee, except for ourselves.

DuVinci is not a typo domain

DuVinci is also not...

A social network
All about the sharing economy
A revolutionary bot platform
An e-commerce recommendation engine

DuVinci is...

A company building little things on the web

DuVinci is... developed and maintained by Adam DuVander

Header image by Stephanie Sicore